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letheatre's Journal

Le Théatre
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This is a community dedicated to all things theatre. Whether you love to perform or to watch, you're welcome here. Post anything you want: show reviews, details about a show you're about to work on, theatre experiences...anything at all. And if you think up anything to add to the interests lists or have any idea for the community, email me.

The Rules
-Please, don't post anything off subject.
-If you're a member, you need to participate. If you don't post or comment for a long time, you will be banned.
-If you can't type, don't. pLeaSe, DoNt tYpE lIkE thIS, OmG.
-Feel absoloutley free to post any pictures you want, but if you're posting more than one or two, use an lj-cut.

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