flashes of merriment (farceuse) wrote in letheatre,
flashes of merriment

A Scene

Hello, all!

Do any of you know the title and/or author of a funny scene (maybe from a larger play, maybe not) for two males. One of the men is in love with the wife of the other man, who is his good friend, and he considers to himself the different ways in which his friend might react.

At one point he thinks that his friend will kill him the way they do in Italian movies, and he imagines the experience with the two of them speaking in frantic Italian; at another, he thinks his friend may just pat him on the shoulder and wish him all the best.

If you have any idea where I might find this scene, please, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: It turns out the play is Play It Again, Sam by Woody Allen. This helps a lot. Many, many thanks to everyone who helped!
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